Actors and Approaches

Project Implementation Unit (PIU): The direct implementation partner is CTEVT which manages the Project Implementation Unit (PIU), acts as a regulator, facilitates course design and supports the training providers. The PIU awards contract for training providers and also operates the sub-offices in the intervention areas. 

Project Support Unit (PSU): Technical assistance to ENSSURE is provided by Helvetas Nepal which manages the Project Support Unit (PSU). The PSU trains and guides the Roving Instructors and prepares workers’ coaches. PSU also provides career counselling in the beginning as well as technical support to the industry associations and the partner companies. The PSU provides technical support to the PIU for the effective implementation of the project activities including the monitoring of training courses.

The PIU together with the PSU will work with the following actors: 

Partner companies: The partner companies will accept apprentices and on-the-job trainees. These companies will be supported to prepare human resource development plans in order to know the skills requirements of their workforce. 

Industry Associations: The industry associations will interact with the CTEVT at all stages of the training of workers, i.e. inputs for training developments, evaluation of training etc. and guide their member companies. The project will build the necessary capacity of industry associations to fulfil this role. 

NSTB/NVQA: The certification of courses and modules, as well as the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), will be provided by the NSTB and later by the NVQA upon its establishment. 

Training providers: Public and private (including corporate) training providers will conduct off-the-job systematic courses for workers in further training and apprentices as well as short courses for new job entrants. The training providers will also conduct management courses for company owners or interested workers at higher skills level (including migrant returnees) who want to start a company.