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Lighting the village and his life

Wed Nov 16 2022

Lighting the village and his life
  • Name: Buddha Raj Adhikari
  • District: Bara
  • Training Name: OJT in Professional Building electrician
  • Training Start Date:
  • Training Duration: 10 months (1696 hrs. on-the job training)
  • Age: 33 years old

Buddha Raj Adhikari was single-handedly supporting his family of five by doing livestock rearing, farming in their tiny land, and doing household work. The income, however, was not enough to cover family expenses properly let alone pay for his children’s education. Despite trying his best, Buddha was not able to find any job as he lacked the skills required by the job market. This often left him hopeless since he did not want his children to live the same life as he did.

Fortunately, one day, his relative informed him about the on-the-job training on Professional Building Electrician under ENSSURE project. The course was fully funded and also gave him a chance to earn at the same time. Buddha did not want to miss out on this opportunity so he promptly applied for the program.

He diligently underwent the training and never missed out on his classes. The training helped to build a solid foundation of electrical knowledge in him. He learned various skills including simple ones like fixing household equipment to wiring an entire building. By the end of the training, he was ready to set up his own electrician contract business.

Now, he is a self-employed man and is well sought-after in his community for electricity issues. Although the income was not much in the beginning, he started doing well after more people became aware of his service.

"The training has brought many changes in my life," says Buddha Raj fondly recalling his transformation post-training. He adds, “People have faith in me because I am a certified electrician and that has helped to grow my business quickly”. He recently bought a piece of jewellery for his daughter and has started saving in a cooperative for her education. He has already cleared the level 2 skill test for Professional Building Electrician and is planning to get himself certified for level 3 soon.