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Project Steering Committee (PSC)

Wed Nov 02 2022

Project Steering Committee (PSC):The PSC will be established in each working Province (Province 1, Bagmati Province and Lumbini Province). The PSC will be chaired by the Minister of MoSD and Co-chaired by the Head of Cooperation of SDC. The PSC will meet at least twice a year and provide overall strategic guidance to the project. The PSC will have following responsibilities:

  • Review and evaluate performance of the Project against the Yearly Plan of Operation (YPO).
  • Provide strategic guidance to the PCIU-P as well as to Local Governments and the PSU and PPSU.
  • Provide strategic orientation based on the project’s progress and remove obstacles/bottlenecks to project implementation.
  • Approve the YPO and the annual operational and financial reports.
  • Ensure that policy advice provided by the coordination committees at Federal and at
  • Provincial level are effectively incorporated into the project’s implementation.

The composition of the PSC in the Provinces is as follows: 

  • Minister, MoSD: Chair 
  • Head of Cooperation, SDC: Co-Chair
  • Secretary, MoSD: Member
  • Division chief, Planning and Administration, MoSD: Member
  • Division chief, Education, MoSD: Member
  • Representative, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Planning (MoEAP): Member
  • Representative, Provincial Planning Commission (PPC): Member
  • Representative (sectoral Ministry at Province): Member
  • Representative, CTEVT at Province: Member
  • Representative from the Local Governments: Member