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Project Steering Committee (PSC)

Wed Nov 02 2022

Project Steering Committee (PSC):The PSC will be established in each working Province (Province 1, Bagmati Province and Lumbini Province). The PSC will be chaired by the Minister of MoSD and Co-chaired by the Head of Cooperation of SDC. The PSC will meet at least twice a year and provide overall strategic guidance to the project. The PSC will have following responsibilities:


1. Review and evaluate the performance of the Project against the Yearly Plan of Operation (YPO).

2. Provide strategic guidance to the PCIU-P as well as to Local Governments and the PSU and PPSU.

3. Provide strategic orientation based on the project’s progress and remove obstacles/bottlenecks to project implementation.

4. Approve the YPO and the annual operational and financial reports.

5. Ensure that policy advice provided by the coordination committees at the Federal and at

6. Provincial level is effectively incorporated into the project’s implementation.


The composition of the PSC in the Provinces is as follows: 


• Minister, MoSD: Chair 

• Head of Cooperation, SDC: Co-Chair

• Secretary, MoSD: Member

• Division chief, Planning and Administration, MoSD: Member

• Division chief, Education, MoSD: Member

• Representative, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Planning (MoEAP): Member

• Representative, Provincial Planning Commission (PPC): Member

• Representative (sectoral Ministry at Province): Member

• Representative, CTEVT at Province: Member

• Representative from the Local Governments: Member