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Project Advisory Committee (PAC)

Wed Nov 02 2022

Project Advisory Committee (PAC): The PAC will be established at the Federal level and led by the secretary of MoEST. It will meet at least once a year to comprehensively advise and coordinate the Project’simplementation at all levels. The PAC will:


1. Comprehensively coordinate the Project’s implementation. 

2. Propose recommendations on how to ensure quality and further improvement of the project’s strategy. 

3. Assure allocation of the budget in the LMBIS, as decided by the Project Stee Committee.

4. Review progress and remove obstacles/bottlenecks at the Federal level with regard to inter-ministerial coordination and issues related to Federal policies. 


The composition of the PAC will be as follows:

• Secretary, MoEST: Chairperson 

• Member Secretary, CTEVT: Co-chair

• Representative, Ministry of Finance (MoF): Member

• Representative, National Planning Commission (NPC): Member 

• Representatives (sectoral ministries): Members

• Head of Cooperation, SDC: Member 

• Representative, SDC: Member

• Manager of the PCIU-F: Member Secretary 

• Team Leader of PSU: Invitee