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Project Advisory Committee (PAC)

Wed Nov 02 2022

Project Advisory Committee (PAC):The PAC will be established at Federal level and led by the secretary of MoEST. It willmeet at least once a year to comprehensively advise and coordinate the Project’simplementation at all levels. The PAC will:

  •  Comprehensively coordinate the Project’s implementation. 
  •  Propose recommendations on how to ensure quality and further improvement ofproject’s strategy.
  •  Assure allocation of the budget in the LMBIS, as decided by the Project SteeCommittee.
  •  Review progress and remove obstacles/bottlenecks at the Federal level with regards to inter-ministerial coordination and issues related to Federal policies. 

The composition of the PAC will be as follows:

  • Secretary, MoEST: Chairperson 
  • Member Secretary, CTEVT: Co-chair
  • Representative, Ministry of Finance (MoF): Member
  • Representative, National Planning Commission (NPC): Member 
  • Representatives (sectoral ministries): Members
  • Head of Cooperation, SDC: Member 
  • Representative, SDC: Member
  • Manager of the PCIU-F: Member Secretary 
  • Team Leader of PSU: Invitee