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Target group/ Beneficiaries

Tue Oct 18 2022

Target Group

The ENSSURE project has range a of target groups. The target groups have been categorized into primary and secondary target groups. 


1.) Primary target group: Primary target group includes Nepalese youths, women and men (including returnee migrants) who are job seekers, existing workers for skill upgrading and school students for career orientation. Nepalese youths need appropriate skills to enter the labour force, and they need to be aware of the incentives for choosing one career path over another. It is also necessary to reduce constraints to TVET access related to gender, social status and physical ability.  ENSSURE targets 64’800 Nepalese youth (including returnee migrants) who are job seekers, as well as existing workers for skill upgrading and students for career orientation.


2.) Secondary target group: It includes Government (elected representatives, policymakers, bureaucrats and TVET service providers) and private sector actors (industries, employers and training institutes).


Both Provincial and Local Governments need support to carry out TVET-related activities in a changing context. These activities include:

•planning and allocating resources;
•implementing TVET programmes (including career guidance);

• building the capacity ofTVET administrators and instructors; assessing market demand and training needs; and
•coordinating with industries/companies and training providers.


The private sector needs to be engaged in TVET and to receive a good return on its investment of time and effort – that is, by obtaining a workforce that is tailored to its needs. 

Nepali private sector has their unique knowledge of businesses, customers and needs. They need and expect to be involved more closely and meaningfully in TVET. It is important to place training units in business premises and quality training of trainers should be provided to every in-company trainer. It is important as well that care should be taken during the selection of the training provider and the participants so that the training providers should be made responsible and accountable for the quality and employment of their graduates.

ENSSURE targets 5’200 secondary beneficiaries which include elected representatives, policy makers, bureaucrats, TVET service providers, employers and industry associations.