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Project Implementation Committee (PIC)

Wed Nov 02 2022

Project Implementation Committee (PIC): The PIC will be established in each Province. The PIC will be chaired by the Secretary of MoSD. The PIC will be responsible to review the overall progress of ENSSURE II at the Provincial and at the respective Local Government level in order to approve the Annual Plan and Budget of respective Local Governments. The PIC will also review issues and constraints regarding programme implementation at provincial and local levels and suggest corrective measures when needed.


The composition of the PIC is as follows:


• Secretary, MoSD: Chairperson

• Division Chief, Planning and Administration, MoSD: Member

• Division Chief, Education, MoSD: Member

• Official representative, CTEVT at Province: Member

• Representative from the Local Governments: Member 

• Representative, SDC: Member 

• Officer responsible for TVET at MoSD /Chief of the PCIU-P: Member Secretary

• Team Leader, PSU: Invitee 

• Provincial Coordinator, PSU: Invitee  


The PIC will meet at least once a year during the period of preparation of the annual budget and during the review of the annual programme against the YPO. The PIC shall be accountable to the PSC.