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Project Coordination Committee (PCC)

Wed Nov 02 2022

The PCC will be formed at CTEVT at federal level for the coordination of overall project activities. The PCC will be chaired by the Member Secretary of CTEVT. The member secretary will assign the manager of the PCIU-P and other members in the committee for the effective coordination of activities at all levels. 


Besides these structures, the project will support the formation of an Inter-Province Coordination Committee (IPCC) to enhance coordination in relation to TVET among the working Provinces and support knowledge exchange across them.  


The Project will also facilitate the creation of a platform for Inter-Local Government Coordination Mechanism. This is an informal forum composed of the Local Governments within a Province. Its objective is to coordinate TVET planning and implementation, share reviews and cross-learning. Through this mechanism, Local Governments can procure common service providers for similar activities and establish a common platform for career guidance (e.g., a career guidance booth).