Keeping our workplace safe from COVID-19

As the gradual reopening of industries related to essential goods and services amid a surge in COVID-19 spread, a webinar was organized on 18 May 2020, to support such industry/businesses to transform their workplace into a safer one.

The webinar had the participation of 70 individuals comprised of business owners from grill and steel fabricating industries, partner schools implementing industry-based training programs, CTEVT and ENSSURE project. In the 3-hours long webinar, there was a presentation each from a health expert and an Occupational, Health and Safety (OHS) expert.

The webinar was organized by Enhanced Skills for Sustainable and Rewarding Employment (ENSSURE) project that is implemented under an agreement between the Government of Switzerland (GoN) and the Government of Nepal (GoN).

“This webinar is first of its kind organized in the context of keeping the workplace safe during the spread of COVID-19 and that makes it more beneficial”, said Mr Mohan Katuwal, President of Federation of Grill and Steel Fabricators Nepal (FGFSN). Speaking on behalf of the federation, he pledged his commitment to immediately put the learning from the webinar into action at their workplace so that their workers can operate in an environment safe from COVID-19 and other similar diseases.

He further expressed gratitude towards the Government of Switzerland (SDC), CTEVT, Helvetas and ENSSURE project team and requested for support to make this program among more industries and businesses.