Training on 'Implementation of Career Guidance Program in Schools' held

Itahari/Aug 13, 2018

ANTARANG Psychosocial Research and Training Institute, the partner organization of Enhanced Skills for Sustainable and Rewarding Employment (ENSSURE) began the training for the teachers of 10 community schools of five palikas of State 1 to support them conduct career guidance program the schools.

The 7-day training being held in Itahari, on 10 August was inaugurated in the presence of State 1’s Ministry of Social Development, Mayor of Biratnagar Metropolis and Itahari Sub-Metropolis representative among others.

In the program, ENSSURE project coordinator Kushmakar Bhatta made a presentation on the project and its career guidance components. 

After the completion of the training, the teachers will be conducting career guidance sessions to the grade IX students. It is expected that 1,860 students of these 10 schools will be receiving the sessions.

The schools, which were selected in coordination with the respective palikas are:

School name and address
Janapath Secondary School, Janapathtol, Biratnagar
Saraswati Secondary School, Ramjanakipath, Biratnagar
Pokhariya Secondary School, Pokhariya, Biratnagar
Mils Secondary School, Mils Area, Rani, Biratnagar
Adarsha Secondary School, Shahidmarg, Biratnagar
Naragram Secondary School, Tankasinawari, Budhiganga
Kachana Mahadev Secondary School, Itahari
Sharada Secondary School, Khanar, Itahari
Triyuga Secondary School, Gaighat, Triyuga
Laxmipur Secondary School, Laxmipur, Triyuga