Career Guidance Program Conducted in Biratnagar


The first session of career guidance programme was conducted at Adarsha Secondary School, Biratnagar, Morang, province 1 on 27 August 2018.

The programme conducted for a total of 35 students grade IX students. The session was facilitated by Adarsha School teachers, Mr Santosh Pokhrel and Ms Nirmala Khanal.

Mr Pokhrel, the class teacher said that such a program will really support the students to choose their career based on their interest and aptitude. 

The career guidance sessions, each of 110 minutes, will run once a week for the next five weeks and there a follow-up session for the same group of students next year.

During the sessions, the students will learn to assess their interest, capacity and aptitude, about career options available in Nepal.

ENSSURE is conducting the career guidance sessions in school since last year, partnering with ANTARANG. In the first phase, 720 students were provided with the career guidance session.