HRMP Training Conducted for Automobile Entrepreneurs

March 2019 ,ENSSURE/Bhaktapur

Auto Mechanic Association of Nepal organized a 2-day training for automobile entrepreneurs on ‘Human Resource Management and Planning’ on 2nd and 3rf March 2019.A total of 27 workshop owners from 25 automobile workshops operational in Kathmandu valley attending the training.

The training event was organized in technical backing from Growth Sellers Pvt. Ltd. under the capacity development component of Enhanced Skills for Sustainable and Rewarding Employment (ENSSURE) Project.

The training was designed with the objective of enhancing productivity of the firms involved in training through human resource management interventions in their respective firms. After the training, the firms are expected to develop human resource policy and implement it accordingly.

The training was based on the findings of the study on human resource assessment of industries in automobile and hospitality sector conducted by Growth Sellers Pvt. Ltd.

Speaking during the opening session Team Leader of ENSSURE Project, Subas Subedi provided a background about design, development and integration of Human Resource Development and Planning component in the project.

Managing Director of Growth Sellers Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Mohan Ojha highlighted the significance of people management from low to high scale industries and workshops.

Interesting reflection from participants, trainers, active participation of all participants in the training and development of dummy organization plan as output of group exercise were few highlights of the program.

Speaking during the closing ceremony CTEVT Training Division Director and Project Manager of ENSSURE Project Mr. Tek Bahadur Malla expressed his commitment to support the association in their capacity enhancement and emphasized on industry-led skills training for developing skilled human resource desired by the industries.

In the same programme, President of Auto Mechanic Association of Nepal Mr. Thakur Prasad Neupane stressed on value of human resource management in enhancing productivity of each firm from the same investment, expressed commitment to develop and implement human resource policy starting from his own workshop, and praised Swiss support from the past as well for developing skills of auto mechanic technicians.