Hire an Apprentice

Itahari/6 March

ENSSURE organized a programme ‘Hire an Apprentice’ on 6 March 2019 in collaboration with the Chamber of Industries Morang.

The main objective of the programme was to explore how business/industries and technical schools can come together for better productivity of industries and impactful labour market results for mutual benefit.

TVET expert Dr. Ursula Renold,  Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) Senior Officer Dr. Usha Bhandari, Biratnagar Metropolitan City Mayor Mr. Bhim Parajuli, Mayor of Duhabi Municipality Mr. Bed Narayan Gachchadaar, President of Chamber of Industries Morang (CIM) Mr. Bhim Ghimire, President of Morang Merchants Association Mr. Pawan Sada, CTEVT Director and ENSSURE Project Manager Mr. Tek Malla, Country Director of Helvetas Nepal Dr. Bharat Pokharel, technical schools, industrialists, local political representatives, state education focal person and apprentices took part in the programme.  

In the programme, Dr. Bhandari clarified that apprenticeship is not a new in Nepal but ENSSURE had started a systematic, innovative and different apprenticeship in Nepal. She further said that systematic implementation of technical education and vocational training is a major part to achieve current slogan of the Government of Nepal Prosperous Nepal Happy Nepali'. 

Dr. Renold said that the apprenticeship programme in Nepal was in right tract adding continuous discussions and dialogues with technical schools, industries and concerned stakeholders will make it successful. She hoped that the apprenticeship programme would surely increase the employability of youth as well as the productivity of industries. She was delighted to see the involvement of the industries in the programme. Noting that Nepal was speedily achieving the progress in TVET sector, Dr. Renold added that among the countries she worked in, Nepal was very fast to learn and grow in technical education and vocational training. Dr. Renold expressed her thankfulness to CIM to lead such programme.

A panel discussion was also organized in the programme to discuss with different stakeholders on how technical schools, business/industries and CTEVT can collaborate for better results of technical education and vocational skills. The panelists of the discussion were Mr. Malla, Dr. Pokharel, CIM Vice-President Mr. Rakesh Surana and TVET expert Mr. Govinda Gajurel. It was facilitated by ENSSURE/CTEVT’s Mr. Deepak Babu Aryal.

The gist of the discussion was that schools and industries should collaborate for mutual benefits in TVET because the technical schools provide the theoretical skills as well as basic practical knowledge to trainees while industries provide the real workplace-based skill to trainees as per the requirement of the industry, leading to increase the productivity for the industries. The message to the industries was that they were the prime implementer of TVET and the job providers for the unemployed youth while the development agencies were merely facilitator of TVET and not the implementers.

The programme was facilitated by the CIM’s Employer Committee coordinator Mr. Nanda Kishor Rathi. CIM’s Senior Vice President Mr. Suyesh Pyakurel welcomed and closed the programme.