Orientation to EVENT II TESPs organized

Kathmandu/March 19

EVENT Project Secretariat and ENSSURE/PSU jointly organized an orientation to the Training and Employment Service Providers (TESPs) conducting the second round of Result-based Short-term Training.

The programme was organised to provide an orientation on monitoring system of EVENT-II project for Regular and New TESPs, to discuss and make common understanding on venue preparation and management indicators among TESPs and to orient database system of EVENT-II project to New TESPs’ staff.

The workshop was held on 16th March to 18th March 2019 for regular TESPs and was held on 17th March to 18th March 2019 for new TESPs in Kathmandu.

There was a total of 224, including 32 women, participants including from ENSSURE team, EVENT PS, chairpersons of TESPs, programme coordinators from regular TESPs and database staff from new TESPs.

In the workshop, the progress updates of the second procurement under short-term training and monitoring system of EVENT-II as well as EVENT database system was shared.

The major provisions of trainee selection and training implementation guidelines were discussed among the participants to mitigate the challenges of the application at the field level. During the day of database orientation, EVENT PS provided the user name and password of the database system to operate the system and oriented to database staff of New TESPs on TP 1 to TP 10.

Some key suggestions and recommendation provided by the participants included conducting regional the review and planning meeting in every monitoring stages, organizing coordination meeting with the local government at State province level, maintaining pocket dairy for employment and income record management and for Portfolio Management and Banking options, uploading all information of applicants before trainee selection and preparing Training Venue Management Handbook and circulate to all TESPs before the trainee selection interview and starting the training before 3rd April 2019 as far as possible.

ENSSURE Bhaktapur Regional Office