OHS Training for Auto MechanicsĀ 

Lalitpur/6 August 2019

ENSSURE organized an occupational health and safety workshop in Lalitpur for the auto-mechanics on 5-6 August.

Climate and Environment Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. facilitated the training where 14 automobile workshop owners participated.

The training facilitated on the sessions including occupational health and safety, scenarios and risks of accidents and action plan to be implemented on a short-term, mid-term and long-term period.

The workshop owners, though not entirely oblivious to the ideas of occupational health and safety, were reminded of the necessary measure to avoid minor and major harms.

Speaking on the opening, the chairperson of Association of Automechanics Workshop, an association of over 400 members, Thakur Neupane welcomed the participants to the training. He hoped that the participants will become aware of the risks involved in their profession for themselves and their fellow workers.

Yuvraj Bhatta of Complete Environment Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. urged autoworkers to be a role model by implementing the learnings of the training and leading the campaign for a safe and healthy workplace.

ENSSURE/PSU team leader Subas Subedi appreciated the participants for daring to venture into the new ground by committing to occupational health and safety. He shared the objective to reach small and medium-size businesses was that such organizations need some help to internalize the safety practices and to understand the value of occupational health and safety. He reminded that the existing workers can be unaware of new technologies while the new ones think the professional as unworthy of consideration.

ENSSURE/PIU Project Manager Tek Bahadur Malla pledged for continued cooperation with the industries. Appreciating the participants for trying out new things, he reminded them to 'look safe; work safe’. Malla also stressed the necessity of adaptation as the technology is getting redundant at the fast pace and that every professional person should adopt to life-long learning.