TVET Orientation to Kankai Municipality Held

Itahari/7 Nov 2019

ENSSURE Regional Office Itahari conducted an orientation on ‘Technical Education and Vocational Training and Its interrelation with Local Palikas’ to 26 staffs of Kankai Municipality on 6 Nov 2019. The program was organized in coordination with Kankai Municipality.

Kankai Municipality Mayor Rajendra Prasad Pokharel expressed his delight to have career guidance program in five schools in Kankai Municipality. He said that his staff will have an awareness of the TVET system after the orientation. Pokharel pledged to promote the skilled workforce by encouraging for assigning only skill certified contractors for construction work in the Municipality. “My Municipality will produce workers as per the market-demand in coordination with related stakeholders and Kankai Municipality wants to coordinate with the Project for workers’ further training in the Municipality to certify the uncertified workers.

Welcoming the participants, Deputy Mayor Madhu Prashain said that the technical education was needed in Kankai while requesting the Project to provide support to implement it there.

CTEVT Regional Director Shiva Dahal made a presentation on technical education and vocational training process in Nepal. He emphasized that industry exposure education and more focus on practical education were the most needed practices in Nepali education system. He also urged the Palikas to expand the Dual VET-apprenticeship program in the future to develop a rewarding culture towards skill and labor.    

Rekha Uprety from ENSSSURE introduced the Project to the participants and shared the objective of orientation. She added that Dual VET-apprenticeship model training would be able to produce the skilled workforce as per the demand of the industries. She also said, “If local palikas implement the career guidance program, class 9 and 10 students will be well-informed about their career path, career discovery, a world of work and technical education system”.